Our Artists

Ron Tabay

Orange County, CA

 Ron is a skater by day and a graphic designer by night.
His newest means of transportation is a Pencil Board.
He loves the durability, maneuverability and the way it rides.
Ron designed “Tentacool” because he is into some weird cartoons...

Tony Amato

Richmond, Virginia

Stellar photographer/artist Tony funds his hobbies by injecting people (with anesthesia).
He feels especially 'tony' riding around VA on his Pencil.
Tony sketched Hipster in between surgeries while looking at brains.  


Juli Reed

New York, NY

Lifelong surfer Juli grew up in artist colony Laguna Beach. 
She currently uses her design skills for t.v. show and movie sets. 
Juli's obsession with "Mr. Box" makes us a little uncomfortable...